Baby Massage Classes

Learn the power of massage for you and your baby!

Available in both group and private environments, our Baby Massage Classes will teach parents/carers safe and effective massage techniques to use on their babies. Our focus is to empower and enrich the parental bond, connection, relationship and communication.

Benefits of Baby Massage include:
  • Improving sleep time
  • Settling & Reduce crying time
  • Relieves wind, colic and constipation
  • Can relieve reflux
  • Reduces crying time
  • Boosts immune system
  • Relieve issues with eczema
  • Enhances coordination
  • Reduces Post-Natal Depression

Learning the right massage techniques from a qualified instructor will ensure you obtain the knowledge and skills required to pass on these benefits to your child.

This is why we love teaching baby massage...

Knowing how important the physical and psychological benefits are to the parent and babies themselves. It is beautiful to see the difference in parental confidence. They become more receptive to their child's wants and needs and seem to become more content with themselves.

Massage is fun for you and your baby as it provides a wonderful closeness and teaches your baby about loving, nurturing and appropriate touch. Your baby's physical and emotional development can be enhanced when you discover the blissful benefits of this beautiful gift.

Our consultant and trainer Allysha is IMIS (Infant Massage Information Service) qualified. Allysha is specifically trained to work with parents to ensure that body language, strokes, permission sequences, daily cycles, touch, relaxation, pressure, appropriate oils and any contraindications (when to not massage or to be cautious) are practised and understood by parents/carers. In each session, Allysha will perform the massage on a doll while you follow the steps on your baby. The sessions run for one hour (group) or 90 min (private) and are in a relaxed, friendly and slow-paced environment. This allows for nappy changes, feeding your baby and tending to any needs.

You can learn to massage your baby at any age!


Group Classes
Small Group $95pp
  • 3 x 1hr sessions
  • Maximum 5 babies (you create your own group)

Sessions are done in our Mermaid Waters treatment room or online via Zoom

Email to enquire about group sessions

*Payment is to be made in full before the start of first session.

Private Classes
Face-to-face $130
  • 2 x 60-90mins sessions at our Mermaid Waters treatment room

Online via Zoom 

  • 2 x 60-90mins sessions

Generally the session goes for 60minutes but we allow 90mins incase baby needs a feed, falls asleep or do baby things!

*Payment is to be made in full before the start of first session.
  • Infant Massage Oil (125ml) - $18
  • Epoch Natural Baby Hair & Body Wash (150ml) - $30

       *If you require postage - $10


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